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The PROVOCATEUR club kitchen offers dishes from European and Asian cuisines. Our menu offers grilled dishes, a wide selection of cold and hot appetizers, rolls, and desserts. Our bartenders will select the perfect drinks to go with your order. Check out our signature PROVOCATEUR cocktail – it’s a real temptation for your taste buds! Be sure to look at our "crazy" menu – there you will find numerous acts from our Divas, and they are ready to perform any of those acts at your request.


 Caesar, traditional recipe (Romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, Parmesan, traditional sauce Caesar (mayonnaise, anchovy, Parmesan) and white bread croutons)
- with chicken (marinated fillet with soya sauce, oregano and garlic) 190g. 630rub.
- with fried shrimps (tiger shrimps, soya sauce, garlic) 190g. 830rub.
- with salmon (salmon fillet, soya sauce) 190g. 880rub.
Wild Rocket with tiger shrimps (tiger shrimps fried in garlic-soya marinade mixed with fresh wild rocket, avocado and cherry tomatoes, served in a pastry cup — tortilla in Escoffier sauce) 180g. 840rub.
Salad “Nice” (mix of salads lollo rossa, radicchio, Wild Rocket and frisee in Escoffier sauce with fried tuna fillet in sesame coating, mini-potatoes, cherry tomatoes, green beans and poached egg) 220g. 820rub.
Warm salad with chicken liver (salad mix, dressed with Pesto sauce (basil, olive oil, pine nut, Parmesan), with fried chicken liver and porcini mushrooms; cherry tomatoes, balsamic cream and white bread toasts) 190g. 600rub.
Warm salad with seafood (blue mussels, sea scallop, tiger shrimps and squid fried in an oyster sauce, coupled with salad mix, cherry tomatoes and slices of Parmesan in Escoffier sauce) 185g. 940rub.
Caprese (traditional Caprese with Mozzarella and tomatoes; served with Pesto sauce and Wild Rocket) 240/50g. 620rub.
Salad with duck breast in a blackberry sauce (salad mix, dressed with Escoffier sauce, peach, cherry tomatoes, duck fillet, fried in berries marinade made of blackberry, raspberry vinegar and sugar) 170g.- 600rub.
Greek salad (salad mix, dressed with olive oil and lemon juice, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, cucumber, cream made of Feta with diary cream, red onion, paprika) 255g. 400rub.
Salad with veal beef roast (salad mix, dressed with the sauce of three types of mustard, with cherry tomatoes, red onion, warm potatoes and tender veal beef roast with Borodinsky bread toasts) 190/15g.- 800rub.
Cold appetizers
Beef tar-tar (chopped beef fillet with capers, shallot, egg yolk, pickling cucumbers, bell pepper, Wild Rocket, truffle oil, served on Borodinsky bread toasts) 220g. 1300rub.
Trio tar-tar of seafood with white bread croutons and tobiko caviar (chopped salmon, tuna and scallop in tandem with capers, shallot, Worcestershire sauce, pickling cucumbers, lime juice, tobiko caviar, soya sauce and guacamole sauce) 250g. 1200rub.
Beef carpaccio (thinly sliced beef fillet with Wild Rocket, parmesan, capers and pine nuts, dressed with traditional Escoffier sauce made of olive oil, honey, Dijon mustard and raspberry vinegar) 140g. 850rub.
Meat platter (best quality assortment of raw cured beef Bresaola and pork neck Coppa, Parma ham Proscuitto, salami Milano and spicy sausage Chorizo; served with green olives, black olives, green basil) 200/25g. 1600rub.
Cheese platter (cheese assortment of spicy Parmesan, cream Emmental, tender Camembert, dessert blue Gorgonzola and farm Cheddar; served with honey, wall-nut and grapes) 200/50/40/10g. 1450rub.
Fish platter (fish assortment of mild-cured salmon, cold-smoked halibut, freshwater eel (unagi), blue mussels and tiger shrimps; dished up with salad mix and a lemon slice) 230/80g. 2450rub.
Pickles platter (spicy sauerkraut, dressed with flavorous oil, with pickling cucumbers, pickle mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and ramson) 350g. 500rub.
Mild-cured Atlantic salmon with potatoes in a cream sauce (home-salted mild-cured Atlantic salmon with bewitched to a dark gold mini-potatoes, served with a cream sauce made of tender diary cream and horse-radish in tandem with white bread toasts and capers) 225g. 650rub.
Herring with potatoes and crispy toasts (mildly-cured herring fillet, dressed with flavorous oil, served with boiled mini-potatoes and fried Borodinsky bread toasts) 130/90/40/15g. 450rub.
Prosciutto with savoury melon (chilled melon amazingly coupled with warm Parma ham) 180g. 920rub.
Bruschetta with tapenade made of sun-dried tomatoes and with Mozzarella (traditional thick French sauce-tapenade made of green olives, sun-dried tomatoes, basil and olive oil, served on a wheat French bread with Mozarella, Wild Rocket, cherry tomatoes and balsamic cream) 150g. 350rub.
Bruschetta with beef roast (baked beef fillet coupled with Wild Rocket and cherry tomatoes on crispy wheat French bread with the sauce of three types of mustard (Dijon, granular, sweet Bavarian mustards, mayonnaise) 150g. 450rub.
Wheat toasts with red caviar (white bread toasts with red caviar and butter) 50/20/15g. 600rub.
Oysters with Mignonette sauce (served with traditional sauce made of shallot, wine vinegar, red wine and Borodinsky bread toasts) 1 piece/25g. 590rub.
Hot appetizers
Octopus with new potatoes, fresh salad and sun-dried tomatoes (boiled octopus, fried in a soya sauce with thyme, served with mini-potatoes and salad mix together with sun-dried tomatoes and cherry tomatoes) 90/60/40g. 900rub.
Sea-scallops in a mango sauce (sea-scallop, fried in a fruit sauce (mango, wine vinegar, sugar, shallot), served with Wild Rocket) 120/40/50g. 1000rub.
Tiger shrimps Tempura with sweet and sour sauce (tiger shrimps in breaded soft dough, fried according to deep-fry technology - Tempura, served with sweet and sour Thai chili) 150/15/50g. 900rub.
Stewed blue mussels
- in cream sauce (blue mussels, stewed in white wine with diary cream, thyme and shallot) 500g. 820rub.
- in tomato sauce (blue mussels, stewed in Marinara sauce (tomatoes, bulb onion, bell pepper) with addition of spicy herbs, shallot, thyme and white wine) 500g. 820rub.
Tartiflette (a famous dish of Savoy cuisine, baked potatoes, asparagus and bacon, with addition of white wine and tender diary cream under Parmesan crust) 140g. 400rub.
Chicken noodle soup with poached egg (chicken stock, noodles, carrot, shallot, poached egg, chicken fillet, greens) 300g. 300rub.
Mushroom cream-soup with toasts (cream-soup with porcini and field mushrooms coupled with truffle oil and white bread toasts) 250/15g. 300rub.
Hot spicy soup with tomatoes and seafood (tomato soup with mussels, tiger shrimps, squids, sea-scallop, with addition of magnolia-vine, zucchini and shallot) 400g. 650rub.
Traditional borshch with beef (traditional red borshch with beef, served with sour cream and greens) 300/30g. 400rub.
Fish broth with sea-fish (fish soup with salmon, sea bass, dorado, with potatoes and greens; according to the tradition — served with vodka) 250/50g. 600rub.
Penne, spaghetti, fettuccine, risotto (according to guest preferences) 180g.
Pasta sauces
Salsa Arrabbiata
Traditional Italian sauce with ripe tomatoes, garlic and sweet herbs with addition of red chili pepper; it is an ideal sauce for spaghetti or penne 180g.
Alla Carbonara
Cream sauce with egg-yolk and bacon slices; it is recommended to dress spaghetti or fettuccine 180g.
Funghi di crema
Bright taste of sauce with fresh porcini mushrooms, sweet diary cream and flavourous truffle oil ideally completes penne, spaghetti, fettuccine or risotto 180g.
Frutti di mare
Traditional pasta with seafood (squid, shrimps, scallop, mussels) roasted in tomato-spicy sauce «Marinara»; topped with grilled royal shrimp 180g.
Meat courses
Steak Ribeye with vegetable saute (moist grilled steak of thick chine of boneless beef Prime, served with pepper sauce (green pepper, brandy, diary cream) and vegetable saute (zucchini, bell pepper, mini-potatoes, green beans) 260/120/50g. 1800rub.
Fillet mignon with Wild Rocket (tender grilled beef fillet in cream sauce with porcini and field mushrooms) 200/30/50g. 1800rub.
Lamb rib roast with Baba ghanoush (grilled lamb rib roast with green crust of honey, mustard, bread, thyme and rosemary, served with mustard sauce (diary cream, Dijon and granular mustard, honey) and eggplant paste (Baba ghanoush)) 160/100/50g. 1800rub.
Pork medallions with Kenyan green beans (grilled pork tenderloin with bacon is garnished with green beans, fried with olive oil, garlic and cherry tomatoes, served with cream-mustard sauce and horse radish) 160/100/50g. 800rub.
Fish courses
Grilled salmon fillet with flavorous rice (grilled salmon fillet with sesame coating, with ginger-lime sauce and fluffy Basmati rice) 180/120/20/50g. 1300rub.
Sea bass fillet in Provence style (foil baked sea bass fillet with poached tomatoes, spices, mini-potatoes and white wine) 200g. 1200rub.
Dorado fillet in sauce with saffron (steamed dorado fillet in cream sauce with saffron and Pesto sauce, served with blue mussels) 120/100/60g. 1200rub.
Grilled tiger shrimps (grilled royal tiger shrimps, served with fried vegetables (bell pepper, zucchini, eggplant, red onion), pine nuts and spicy ginger sauce) 140/100/50g. 1650rub.
Side dishes
Grilled vegetables (bill pepper, zucchini, egg plant, tomato, red onion) 150g. 200rub.
Fries 150g. 200rub.
Roasted potato wedges with herbs 150g. 200rub.
Potato mash 150g. 200rub.
Flavorous white rice 150g. 200rub.
New potato with rosemary 150g. 200rub.
Bread basket with two kinds of flavorous butter (assortment of several bread types: wheat, corn, rye buns are accompanied by original butter with greens and flavorous butter with anchovy) 100/30/30g. 160rub.


Maki rolls
With salmon (salmon, rice, nori) 6 pcs. 280rub.
With tuna (tuna, rice, nori) 6 pcs. 280rub.
With eel (smoked eel, rice, unagi sauce, sesame, nori) 6 pcs. 300rub.
With avocado (avocado, rice, nori) 6 pcs. 280rub.
With cucumber (cucumber, rice, nori) 6pcs. 280rub.
With chuka (chuka salad, rice, satay sauce, rice) 6 pcs. 300rub.
California with crab (crab, rice, avocado, tobiko caviar, mayonnaise, nori) 6 pcs. 890rub.
Nezhniy (salmon, rice, cream cheese, salmon caviar, nori) 6 pcs. 600rub.
Canada (smoked eel, salmon, rice, cucumber, spicy sauce) 6 pcs. 740rub.
Philadelphia mix (smoked eel, salmon, rice, cream cheese, avocado, nori) 8 pcs. 630rub.
Piramida (salmon in original chefs pickle, rice, cream cheese, avocado, nori) 6 pcs. 480rub.
Alaska (salmon, rice, sesame, mayonnaise, nori) 6 pcs. 490rub.
Сalifornia with sesame (crab, rice, avocado, sesame, mayonnaise, nori) 6 pcs. 560rub.
Banzai (roasted salmon, rice, cucumber, spicy sauce, sesame, nori) 6 pcs. 440rub.
Takara (sea scallop, rice, cream cheese, cucumber, tobiko caviar, nori) 6 pcs. 450rub.
Kioto (shrimp, rice, cream cheese, cucumber, tobiko caviar, nori) 6 pcs. 440rub.
Hokkaido (warm roll without rice)  (smoked eel, salmon, rice, cream cheese, cucumber, rusk flour, soft dough, nori) 6 pcs. 770rub.
Warm California (crab, rice, avocado, rusk flour, tobiko caviar, soft dough, mayonnaise, nori) 6 pcs. 580rub.
With smoked salmon (smoked salmon, rice) 1 piece 150rub.
With tuna (tuna, rice) 1 piece 150rub.
With tuna (tuna, rice) 1 piece With salmon (salmon, rice) 1 piece 150rub.
With eel (eel, rice, nori) 1 piece 190rub.
With shrimp (shrimp, rice) 1 piece 150rub.
Duncan sushi
With caviar (salmon caviar, rice, nori) 1 piece 270rub.
With tobiko (tobiko caviar, rice, nori) 1 piece 160rub.
With chuka (chukka salad, rice, nori) 1 piece 160rub.
With crab (crab, rice, spicy sauce, nori) 1 piece 270rub.
With sea scallop (sea scallop, rice, spicy sauce, nori) 1 piece 270rub.
With salmon (salmon, daikon, carrot, lemon) 180g. 460rub.
With shrimp (shrimp, daikon, carrot, lemon) 180g. 470rub.
With tuna (tuna, daikon, carrot, lemon) 180g. 450rub.
With sea scallop (sea scallop, daikon, carrot, lemon) 180g. 450rub.
With eel (smoked eel, daikon, carrot, lemon) 180g. 450rub.
Sushi and rolls assortment
Maki with tuna — 6 pcs., with eel — 6 pcs., with avocado — 6 pcs., sushi with shrimp — 1 piece, with salmon — 1 piece, duncan with chuka — 1 piece, Banzai roll — 6 pcs., Piramida roll — 6 pcs. (sushi and rolls assortment, 33 pcs.) —
Maki with tuna — 6 pcs., with salmon — 6 pcs., with eel — 6 pcs., with avocado — 6 pcs., Nezhniy roll- 6 pcs., Alaska roll — 6 pcs., Piramida roll — 6 pcs., sushi with eel — 1 piece, with salmon — 1 piece, duncan with chuka — 1 piece (sushi and rolls assortment, 45 pcs.)
Sashimi with salmon — 1 piece, with eel — 1 piece, maki with salmon — 6 pcs., with tuna — 6 pcs., with avocado — 6 pcs., warm roll California — 6 pcs., Piramida roll — 6 pcs., Banzai roll — 6 pcs., Nezhniy roll — 6 pcs., Alaska roll — 6 pcs., Kioto roll — 6 pcs., sushi with salmon — 2 pcs., with eel — 2 pcs., duncan with chuka - 2 pcs., with tobiko - 2 pcs. (sushi and rolls assortment, 112 pcs.)
Tiramisu (traditional layered dessert with mascarpone cheese and savoiardi biscuits) 200/30g. 560rub.
Panna Cotta (decadent cream dessert with raspberry topping and biscuits) 120/20g. 500rub.
Fondant (popular French dessert, cake of chocolate egg sponge with vanilla ice-cream scoop) 90/50/45g. 400rub.
Crème brulee (light French cream dessert with pastry cream and crust of burnt caramel) 120/10g. 400rub.
Cheese cake (baked cream-cheese cake with delicate texture and short layer) 160/40/45g. 420rub.
Sorbet from Swiss workshop Movenpick (ice dessert with fruit filling according to customer preferences: mango, lime-lemon, strawberry-raspberry, black currant) 50g. 250rub.
Ice-cream from legendary Movenpick masters (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, wall-nut, served with mint twig) 50g. 250rub.
Fruits and berries
Berries platter 200g. 1600rub.
Fruits and berries platter 1000g. 2800rub.

*Пожалуйста, сообщите официанту, если у Вас есть аллергия на какие-либо продукты. Для получения сведений о пищевой ценности и составе наших блюд обратитесь к официанту.


Винная карта


игристое и шампанское
Moet & Chandon Brut 0,2
(Моет и Шандон брют)
Moet & Chandon Rose 0,2
(Моет и Шандон Розе)
Prosecco DOC Canti
Просекко Канти
Lambrusco dell'Emilia bianco IGT
Ламбруско дель'Эмилия бьянко
белое вино
Terre Allegre Trebbiano Venezie IGT
(Semi-Sweet) Терре Аллегре Треббьяно (полусладкое)
Pinot Grigio delle Venezie IGT
Пино Гриджо делле Венецие
Waltzing Matilda Chardonnay Byrne Vineyards Australia
Вольтсинг Матильда Шардоне
розовые вина
Pino Grigio Blush Venezie IGT
Пино Гриджо Блаш
красные вина
Terre Allegre Sangiovese Puglia IGT (Semi-Sweet)
Терре Аллегре Санджовезе Апулиа (полусладкое)
Chianti DOCG Fontegaia
Фонтегайа Кьянти
Waltzing Matilda Cabernet Sauvignon Byrne Vineyards Australia
Вольтсинг Матильда Каберне Совиньон


Brut Premier Louis Roederer
Луи Родерер Брют Премьер
Moët & Chandon brut
Моет и Шандон брют
Dom Perignon
Дом Периньон
Cristal Louis Roederer
Кристалл Луи Родерер
Moet & Chandon Rose
Моет и Шандон Розе
Cuvee Rose Brut Chanoine
Кюве Розе Брют
Brut Rose Vintage Louis Roederer
Луи Родерер Брют Розе Винтаж
Cava Castell Llord. Bodegas Jaume Serra
Кава Кастель Льорд
Prosecco Superiore Valdobbiadene DOCG Giall'oro Ruggeri & Co.
Просекко Супериоре Вальдоббьядене Джалл'оро
Fritz's Riesling Qualitatswein Gunderloch
Гундерлох Фриц'с Рислинг Квалитатсвайн
Alsace / Эльзас
Gewurztraminer Alsace AOC. Trimbach
Гевюрцтраминер Эльзас AOC. Тримбах
Bourgogne / Бургундия
Chablis AOC Domaine Herve Azo
Шабли Домен Эрве Азо
Cote d'Or / Кот д'Ор
Mersault AOC Les Clous. Bouchard Pere & Fils
Бушар Пэр э Фис Мерсо Ле Клу
Vallee de la Loire / Долина Луары
Sancerre AOC Les Baronnes Henri Bourgeois
Анри Буржуа Сансер Ле Барон
Bordeaux / Бордо
Le Bordeaux de Citran
Ле Бордо де Ситран
Chateau des Deux Lions Sainte-Croix-du-Mont AOC
Шато де Де Лион Сен-Круа-дю-Мон Сотерн Сладкое
Piemonte / Пьемонт
Gavi dei Gavi DOCG Etichetta Nera. La Scolca
Гави дей Гави Этикетта Нера. Ла Сколька
Trentino-Alto Adige / Трентино-Альто Адидже
Pinot Grigio DOC. Colterenzio
Пино Гриджо. Кольтеренцио
Pfefferer Colterenzio
Veneto / Венето
Soave Classico DOC. Domini Veneti
Домини Венети Соаве Классико
Toscana / Тоскана
Remole Toscana IGT Marchesi de' Frescobaldi
Маркези де' Фрескобальди Ремоле Верментино
Chardonnay Toscana IGT Capannelle
Капаннелле Шардоне
Gran Feudo Moscatel Bodegas Chivite
Бодегас Чивите Гран Феудо Москатель
Vitral Chardonnay Reserva Casablanca Valley Vina Maipo
Винья Майпо Витраль Шардоне Резерва Касабланка Вэлли (полусухое)
New Zealand
Новая Зеландия
Estate Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc Hawkes Bay Te Mata
Те Мата Эстейт Виньярдс Совиньон Блан Хокс Бэй
BY.OTT (Cotes de Provence)
БАЙ.ОТТ (Кот де Прованс)
Bourgogne / Бургундия
Bourgogne AOC Pinot Noir La Vignee Bouchard Pere & Fils
Бушар Пэр э Фис Бургонь Пино Нуар Ла Винье
Gevrey-Chambertin AOC. Bouchard Pere & Fils
Vallee du Rhone du Sud / Южная Рона
Cotes du Rhone Chevalier d'Anthelme
Кот дю Рон Шевалье д'Антельм
Chateauneuf du Pape AOC Telegramme. Vignobles Brunier
Шатонеф дю Пап Телеграмм. Виньобль Брюнье
Bordeaux / Бордо
Le Bordeaux de Citran (Bordeaux Superieur)
Ле Бордо де Ситран (Бордо Сюперьор)
Medoc / Медок
Chateau d'Arvigny Haut-Medoc AOC (2-me vin du Chateau Beaumont)
Шато д'Арвиньи О-Медок (2-е вино Шато Бомон)
Piemonte / Пьемонт
Barolo DOCG Ceretto
Черетто Бароло
Veneto / Венето
Valpolicella Classico Superiore DOC Domini Veneti
Домини Венети Вальполичелла Классико Супериоре
Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOC
Амароне делла Вальполичелла Классико
Toscana / Тоскана
Nipozzano Chianti Rufina Riserva DOCG. Marchesi de' Frescobaldi
Нипоццано Кьянти Руфина Ризерва
Guidalberto Toscana IGT Tenuta San Guido
Brunello di Montalcino DOCG Castelgiocondo
Брунелло ди Монтальчино Кастельджокондо
La Gioia Toscana IGT. Riecine
Ла Джойа
50 & 50 Toscana IGT. Capannelle  
Sassicaia Bolgheri DOC. Tenuta San Guido
Finca Resalso Ribera del Duero DO
Финка Ресальсо Рибера дель Дуэро
Marques de Riscal Reserva Rioja DOСa
Маркес де Рискаль Ресерва Риоха
Vitral Carmenere Reserva Rapel Valley Vina Maipo
Винья Майпо Витраль Карменер Резерва Рапель Вэлли (сухое)
Malbec Finca La Linda Luigi Bosca
Луиджи Боска Argentina Мальбек Финка Ла Линда
Hazard Hill Shiraz Great Southern Plantagenet Wines
Плантагенет Вайнс Хэзард Хилл Шираз Грейт Саузерн


Vodka Beluga, lemon juice, chilly pepper, honey 100ml
Rum, vodka Beluga, tequila, gin, melon liqueur, energy drnk 200ml
Mexican passion
Tequila, Galliano liqueur, lemon juice, passion fruit puree, passion fruit syrup 105ml
Jagermeister sour
Jägermeister, lemon juice, sugar syrup, egg albumen 130ml
Peach fizz
 Gin, peach liqueur, lime juice, orange juice, soda-water 160ml
New York Sour
Jim Beam, sugar syrup, lemon juice, one egg albumen, orange bitter, red dry wine 130ml
Creamy Mango
Rum Anejo, diary cream, mango puree, orange juice, orange peel 200ml
Wild raspberry
Chocolate syrup, orange juice, Jägermeister, raspberry 50ml
Coffee liqueur, black currant liqueur, diary cream, cinnamon 50ml
Fire Lady
Ликер персик, морс клюквы, ягермайстер. 50мл
Peach liqueur, cranberry juice, Jägermeister 50ml
Coffee liqueur, cream liqueur, absinthe 50ml
Virgin Coctails
Island punch
Mango syrup, orange fresh, soda-water 200ml
Snow Queen
Ice-cream, chocolate chunk cookie, walnut syrup, milk 200ml
Mint, lime, sugar syrup, soda-water 200ml
Piña Colada
Pineapple juice, coconut puree, coconut syrup 200ml
Blackberry spice
Blackberry puree, cinnamon syrup, soda-water, lemon juice, cinnamon 200ml / 1000ml
Creamy Mango
Mango puree, diary cream, orange juice, mango syrup 200ml / 1000ml
Ginger juice, sugar syrup, lemon juice, ginger ale, mint 200ml / 1000ml
Spiced Passion fruit
Lemon juice, passion fruit puree, mint, orange juice, soda-water 200ml / 1000ml
Rum, mint, lime, sugar syrup, soda-water. 200ml
Strawberry Mojito
Rum, mint, lime, sugar syrup, strawberry, soda-water. 200ml
Piña colada
Rum, coconut puree, pineapple juice, coconut syrup, coconut liqueur 200ml
Rum, lime juice, sugar syrup 100ml
Melon Daiquiri
Rum, lime juice, sugar syrup, melon liqueur 120ml
Sex on the Beach
Vodka, pineapple juice, peach juice, peach liqueur, fruit-drink 200ml
Triple Sec, vodka, fruit-drink, orange 120ml
Tequila, lime juice, Triple Sec, sugar syrup 120ml
Strawberry Margarita-Frozen
Tequila, lime juice, Triple Sec, strawberry syrup, strawberry 120ml
Long Island
Rum, tequila, gin, Triple Sec, vodka, cola 250ml
Cuba Libre
Rum, cola 200ml
Wiskey, Cola 200ml
Martini Orange
Vermouth Bianco, orange juice 200ml
Gin, tonic, lemon  200ml
White Russian
Coffee liqueur, diary cream, vodka 140ml
Bloody Mary
Tomato juice, salt, lime juice, tabasco, Worcestershire, ground pepper, celery, vodka 200ml
Old Fashion
Maker's Mark, lemon juice, sugar, angostura 50ml
Aperol, soda-water, prosecco, orange 200ml
Vermuth 100 ml
Martini Bianco  
Martini Extra Dry  
Martini Rosso  
Single malt whisky Scotland 50 ml.
The Macallan Collection
The Macallan 12 years Fine Oak/Sherry Oak  
The Macallan 15 years  
The Macallan 18 years  
The Macallan 21 years  
Singleton 12 y.o.  
Singleton 15 y.o.  
Cardhu 12 y.o.  
Glenfidich 12 y.o.  
Glenfidich 15 y.o.  
Talisker 10 y.o. (Skye)  
Lagavulin 16 y.o. (Islay)  
Laphroaig 10 y.o. (Islay)  
Oban 14y.o.  
Glenlivet 12y.o.  
Glenlivet 18y.o.  
Glenmorangie 10 YO  
Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or  
Glenmorangie Signet  
American Whiskey 50 ml.
Jack Daniel's  
Jack Daniel's Single Barrel  
Gentelmen Jack  
Bourbon 50 ml.
Jim Beam White  
Makers Mark  
Blended Scotch Whisky 50 ml.
Scottish Leader  
Johnnie Walker collection
Johnnie Walker Black Label 12y.o.  
Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve  
Johnnie Walker Blue Label  
Chivas Regal 12 years  
Chivas Regal 18 years  
Chivas Regal 21years Royal Salut  
Blended Irish Whiskey 50 ml.
Jameson Select Reserve  
Jameson Gold  
Japanese Whiskey 50ml.
Suntory Old Whisky  
Vodka 50 ml.
Tsarskaya Gold  
Beluga Gold Line  
Grey Goose  
Gin 50 ml.
Tequila 50 ml.
Olmeca Tezon Blanco  
Olmeca Tezon Anejo  
Patron Silver  
Patron Reposado  
Rum 50 ml.
Pyrat XO Reserve  
Havana Club Anejo 3 anos  
Havana Club Anejo 7 anos  
Havana Club Especial  
Captain Morgan Black Spiced  
Captain Morgan Spiced Gold  
Zacapa 23 year  
Grappa 50 ml.
Vendemmia Riserva di Annata  
Сognac 50 ml.
Martell V.S.О.Р.  
Martell Х.О.  
Frapin VS Luxe Grande Champagne  
Frapin Cigar Blend Vieille Grande Champagne  
Hennessy V.S.O.P.  
Hennessy X.O.  
Hennessy Paradis  
Armagnac 50ml.
Samalens Bas Armagnac VSOP  
Calvados 50 ml.
Pere Magloire V.S.O.P.  
Porto 75 ml.
Warre's Heritage Ruby  
Bitters, Liquers 50 ml.
Asinth Xenta  
Liquers Cartron  
Botteled Beer  
Corona extra  
Clausthaler n/a  
Draft Beer  
Groundhog Dark  
Non-Alcoholic Drinks
Mineral Water
Vivreau 0,47ml / 0,8ml 380r/750r
Aqua Russo 0,25 350rub.
San Benedetto 0,25 350rub.
Газированная / Sparkling
Vivreau 0,47ml / 0,8ml 380r/750r
Aqua Russo 0,25 350rub.
San Benedetto 0.25 350rub.
Сок Pago 200 ml
Апельсин / Orange 250rub.
Яблоко / apple 250rub.
Томат / Tomato 250rub.
Ананас / Pineapple 250rub.
Персик / Peach 250rub.
Вишня / Cherry 250rub.
Berry Juice 200ml
Crandberries 250rub.
Fresh sqeezed Juice
Orange 500rub.
Grapefruit 650rub.
Pineapple 900rub.


Celery 500rub.
Carrot 500rub.
Soft Drinks 250ml
Coca-cola 250rub.
Sprite 250rub.
Tonic 250rub.
Ginger Ale 250rub.
Red Bull 350rub.
Red Bull Tropical 350rub.
Americano 250rub.
Espresso 250rub.
Double espresso 290rub.
Capuchino 320rub.
Ristretto 250rub.
Latte 390rub.
Creame Capuchino 420rub.
Irish Coffee 650rub.
Tea Story 600ml.
Ягоды ежевики, брусники, клюквенный морс, цитрусовый-мед, свежий тимьян.
Пюре манго, абрикос, мята.
Ginger whith sea buckthorn
Имбирь, облепиха,ромашка, мёд
Rosemary whith strawberry
Розмарин, клубника, ассам,мята.
Tea 400ml
Green Tea with Jasmin 600rub.
Sencha 600rub.
Milky Oolong 800rub.
Assam 600rub.
Black Tea with Bergamot 600rub.
Puer 800rub.
Fruit Tea 800rub.

Crazy Menu

Entry into the club for men
(a private dance as a gift)
Entry into the club for women in men’s company 3000 
Private dance from a dancer in a private room 2000 
Private dance from a dancer on the stage 2000 
Private dance from a waitress or a hostess in a private room 3000 
Private dance from a waitress or a hostess on the stage 4000 
Lesbian duet show of female artists on the stage / in a private room / on a table 5000 
To order a solo performance of a female strip dancer on the stage 3000 
To order a guest’s favorite melody STANDART / NON STANDART 2000 / 4000 
“Provocation” — simultaneous performance of all female strip dancers 10000 

“Provocation of acquaintances” — introduction of all ladies:

waitresses, hostesses, and female strip dancers

“Erotic Provocation” — all female strip dancers are topless 15000 
“BDSM Provocation” — all female strip dancers 15000 
Release of female strip dancers from the program 1000  / 10 МИН
Dinner with a waitress / hostess
(exclusive of the price of dishes)
1000  / 10 МИН
Dinner with a manager
(exclusive of the price of dishes)
1500  / 10 МИН
To have a glass of wine with a manager
(exclusive of the price of drinks)
“Exclusive Bar Nyotaimori” - eating sushi from a naked girl 25000 
“Exotic Passion” – eating fruit from a naked girl’s body 15000 
A candle on the table” — girls won’t bother you for 1 hour 3000 
A guest’s dance on the stage, guest’s participation in the show program 10000 
A guest sings a song on the stage 10000 
Extension of the work of the club for 1 hour 40000 
Extension of the work of the Fireplace Lounge for 1 hour 20000